Vinny’s Vegan Pizza



Delicious Plant-Based Comfort Food


In an effort to continue boundary pushing, Titan Brands found inspiration in looking to provide better alternatives to those who don’t eat meat. So, we created our own virtual brand, Vinny’s Vegan Kitchen. Vinny’s began serving vegan alternatives to our entire award-winning Italian menu in 2012.

Vinny’s Vegan Pizza quickly caught on as a leader in the vegan community because of the selection and the quality of our menu items. This philosophy has always kept Vinny’s Vegan at the forefront of the vegan movement and allowed us to stand out as an industry leader in providing the best possible plant-based selections for strict vegans, as well as those who want to explore new diets.

Diners can enjoy classic New York style vegan pizza with great ingredients on a crispy crust along with all your other Italian American favorites like pastas, calzones and strombolis. All this delicious, plant – based food is available for delivery straight to people’s doors seven days a week!